Fine piece of sex machine ass right here.

Franklin stares at Mr Computer. His eyes scanning his once soft hardware. Franklin had just wanted to make

new friends, but instead he had been dragged into this.

He was tied down to the bed, stripped of everything. Mr Computer was comforting him with sweet words.

“It’s going to be OK” and “It’s not rape if you enjoy it.” It was basically like the erisol fanfic BT wrote on Ao3.

Everything was going just as Mr Computer had planned.

“Inhale my hardware, enragement Franklin.” Mr Computer shouts as he rams his hard robot member down Franklin’s throat.

Franklin is crying now.

Franklin wakes up.

It was all a dream. If only the well animated snakes from his bestiality fantasies had been there. Mr Computer made Franklin want him. He was the hottest piece of ass anyone could ever desire. It was time for school, so Franklin got his shit together and caught the bus.

My body was completely depleted of all understanding once I got to chemistry class.

I had even  more bondage fantasies of the taller and buff Mr Computer in the lesson.

When I woke up, it was home time. I had been sitting her throughout the whole fucking school day. WTF?

I was about to leave, but a pair of strong arms grabbed me from behind, and I was knocked out.

“Bleep, bloop motherfucker.” I hear before it goes dark.

I wake up, and I feel something hard ramming into my ass.

It’s Mr Computer’s dick. My life is complete.

"Now I can be your only computer Franklin."

We cum together and he fucks me until we both die from lack of nutrition.

The end.