So, one day I was browsing Deviant Art and decided to search for Jeff the Killer X Slenderman porn.

I was hoping to come across some well-drawn art which was made using only the finest of image editing software. Preferably MS Paint. *Insert Lenny Face here

But. I came across something that nobody should ever have the displeasure of seeing. What I came across on that browsing session was not meant for human eyes.

I was bored of seeing art of the duo fucking, because as I am sure I have had to state many times in my life, I am not gay. I AM NOT. O hai reader.

I just wanted to see them kiss and wank over that. Because a kiss shared by bros is NOT gay. It is MANLY as ALL FUCK.

I clicked on an image that looked like it was Slender Man and Jeff erotically kissing. It was a gif, so I clicked on it. But, I realised my mistake.

On the page was this image:


*fap fap fap... Oh fuck!

My dik cummed all over my laptop as a final release of euphoria, before my body filled with rainbow coloured semen and exploded.

My final words were:

“I jizzed in my pants over Dinosaur Porn.”

Lol wtf?