One day after shit went down in a certain few previous trollpastas I have written (HINT HINT MOTHERFUCKERS), Auciel was using her hyper-realistic PC to browse the hyper-realistic interwebz. (LOL the dark web u fuckin’ plebs.)

Upon searching up a website that hosted obscure troll on human porn, she accidentally clicked on a twitter link which, luckily for her, didn’t end up leading to a child porn website. But, it lead instead, to a site which had midget porn as far as her human troll eyes could see.

She immediately closed Tor down, and went to go do something productive with her life.

She would have to ask Sollux to clear her browsing data when he wasn’t busy fucking Eridan. She really needs to get a grip on the way humans deal with things.

And possibly find a midget to fuck in the process.